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Manawab Trading company Ltd is proud to be distributors of the kilombero sugar and Manawab Trading Company Ltd is a major supplier of sugar to African consumer and industrial markets, particularly in its own countries of operation, and has significant access to preferential markets in the DRC Congo . Operations outside East Africa also have access to the South African Customs Union market in terms of the Southern African

Manawab Trading Company Ltd is one of the largest distributors of Kilombero sugar in Tanzania driven by our ongoing investment in the continent’s growth story. As significant suppliers of kilombero sugar in our countries almost all the regions,

  Manawab Trading company Ltd is strategically positioning its operations to make sure that no one will have any delays in getting the sugar on time as we are committed to make sure that deliveries are on time and promise to give good services to all our customers as, we have a lot of trucks to make sure that every customer received sugar, wheat flour, cooking oil and soap at the same time when pressing his orders.

Manawab Trading is widely used throughout Tanzania and therefore the distribution covers all parts of the country and even beyond Tanzania.

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Manawab Trading company Ltd
P.O.Box 40303
Dar es salaam, Tanzania
Tel: +255 22-2861235
Fax: +255 22-2860842
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