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Morning Site Investment Ltd

About us

Morning Site Ltd is a well establish company designed to oversee the real estate investment for Azania Group.So far many projects has been developed in different part of Tanzania. Among them is an outstanding commercial building located at the hub of industrial of Dar es Salaam along Nyerere Road which lead to Mwl. Nyerere International Airport.The building is now hosting more than 4 commercial Banks in Tanzania.

Morning site ltd similarly recently launched Aya Sophia Luxury Beach Villa Garden Hotel, is one of a newly developed five star hotel villa and amongst the best Sea view beach hotels in Dar es Salaam.
This Property located in Mbutu -Kigamboni, Dar es Salaam the property is set in an isolated splendour with beach-front view, featuring untouched white sand, fresh water pool, wonderful tropical garden, state of the art restaurants, Gym, Spa and small zoo with wild animals like Zebra, antelopes and many other.