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In 2006, Azania group came together to build what is Tanzania’s most iconic manufacturer of edible oil and soaps company, fondly known as “MIKOANI EDIBLE OILS DETERGENTS”.


Azania group began production of palm oil in Dar Es Salaam, today, our modern state of the art factory at Dar Es Salaam has expanded and has a capacity to refine over 620 metric tonne of oil a day, prepared to the highest international standards. Adding to this, our new production facility at Dar Es Salaam has impacted the washing and cleaning industry with excellent laundry and bathing soaps, which is of the highest quality.

MIKOANI EDIBLE OILS DETERGENTS is now one of the largest manufacturers of high quality edible vegetable oils and fats, laundry and dish soaps in the African continent.

Azania is a modern consumer led business based in Dar Es salaam, Tanzania; set in the coastal region against the warm shores of the Indian Ocean. We have invested to grow our business locally and internationally.

We take pride in our staff and our community and believe that it is important to make choices that protect our natural environment for future generations. We strive daily to be seen as an organization that “refines lives” by consistently manufacturing premium quality products that offer great value. Azania has helped consumers enjoy their lives confidently, facilitating them to cook healthy and wash hygienically.


All Azania Oil Products have been certified by TFDA and TBS.

Azania fresh Gold cooking Oil

As an extension of Azania Group, MIKOANI EDIBLE OILS DETERGENTS was founded in 2006 at Dar Es salaam City on an area of 61 MIKOA 4 mi². The factory is distinguished as it includes all the production stages, which starts with processing, packaging, and then storing of its finished products.

The refinery process passes through 7 phases in order to offer our consumers the best purity and quality possible. MIKOANI EDIBLE OILS DETERGENTS produces several brands of Azania fresh Gold cooking edible oil in addition to producing special products for industrial usage such as toilet soaps and liquid soaps.


Azania fresh Gold cooking oil is the world’s preferred edible oil by volume and is used as a healthy substitute for partially hydrogenated oils, in baking and frying, and as an ingredient in numerous food types, including biscuits, breads, cereals, chips, chocolate, ice-cream, soup and sauces.

MIKOANI EDIBLE OILS DETERGENTS has over 11 years of refining experience, improving its formulation, innovating its packaging and ensuring that it is available in all parts of the country and the greater East African region. Each product in this category has unique properties that it brings to the dining table.

Azania Fresh Gold cooking oil is a premium triple refined vegetable oil made from pure vegetable oil. It is cholesterol free that is great for your whole culinary requirements.


Has the unique blue non-drip sprout top which ensures no spillage. Has a measuring cap which ensures exact measurement of required oil. Has a viewing strip that shows you the amount of oil remaining in the container is fortified with vitamins A & D, good for your vision, immune system, skin, bones and heart. It can be reused when deep frying foods Azania Gold cooking oil is available in 250ml, 500ml, 1l, 2l, 3l, 5l, 10l and 20l.

Azania Fresh Gold Cooking oil is highly nutritious vegetable cooking oil, 100% refined from Vegetable oil. Suitable for deep and shallow frying. Cholesterol free thus good for your heart. Fortified with vitamin A and D, which is good for eyesight. Azania Fresh Gold Cooking oil is available in 500ml, 1L, 2L, 3L and 5L.

Azania MIKOANI EDIBLE OILS DETERGENTS widely used throughout Tanzania and therefore the distribution covers all parts of the country and even beyond Tanzania.

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