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Red Sea CFS

Redsea Company LTD (CFS) is today a leader in the Container Freight Stations operations area, and we are committed to excellent and quality service to all our clients.

We handle containerized and project cargo passing through the port for inland clearance. We are a one-stop clearance hub with all relevant Government Agencies stationed here to facilitate quick cargo clearance.

Our close proximity to the port gives us a competitive advantage when transferring cargo from TPA to the CFS. Our facility is theft free, safe and secure.

We value the needs of our clients and that’s the reason we have rolled out extra services to enable our clients’ access to competitive rates, extended free days and registration to the Loyalty Programmes where points are earned on every transaction.

Redsea Company LTD was incorporated in 2006 and is one of the leading Container Freight Stations (CFSs) in the East and Central Africa. A privately owned and managed enterprise, Redsea Company has over the years, cut itself a niche in the logistics industry as a versatile, efficient, secure and cost- effective facility in the region.

It is the closest CFS to the Dar Es Salaam port, enhancing its agile operations to deliver its customers’ cargo fast, efficient and secure.

At Redsea Company, our core business is to handle and transfer both local and transit cargo from the port of Dar Es salaam to our inland freight station for further clearance. The cargo can be in loose form, containerised or motor vehicles.

The facility houses all relevant authorities such as The Tanzania Revenue Authority, The Tanzania Police and The Tanzania Bureau of Standards to facilitate quick and efficient clearance process. With a container terminal capacity to accommodate over 1500 TEUs (Twenty Foot Equivalent Units), a warehouse space of over 5500ft2 and a motor vehicle yard that can accommodate more than 1500 units.

We strive to facilitate prompt clearance for quick turnaround. We undertake other services like stripping cargo from containers, repackaging, storage and conveyance.

Market Consolidation

With emerging East and Central Africa market, Redsea Company LTD has positioned itself as a leading player in the logistics industry.

We are prepared to serve Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan and DR. Congo among others. This is a vast business opportunity beckoning.

We intend to consolidate our potential and have a strong presence in the regional market by keenly studying individual market segments and focusing our marketing activities to different customer categories.

Our Vision

To be the leader & preferred Container Freight Station in the region.

Our Mission

To continuously ensure stakeholders value by: –

Raising standards to achieve operational excellence for the benefit of our customers.

Conducting our business in a safe and economically sustainable manner.

Engaging a diverse, innovative & result-oriented team.

Applying the latest business technology & practices to fit individual client needs.

Our Values

Forward Thinking – To be proactive and innovative in embracing the latest technology.

Integrity – To be responsible, honest and fair in all our business dealings & relationships.

Respect – To respect the feelings of the employee, appreciate their dignity, time, effort and the need to balance work and family life.

Service Excellence – To serve our customers competently, courteously and efficiently through continual learning and positive work attitude.

Teamwork – To value teamwork, harmony and unity by being considerate to our colleagues and customers in our work relationships.

Company Strategy

Our business strategies are geared towards improving our services to surpass the customer’s expectation. This will translate to increased revenues and profitability for both parties and enlarge our customer base.

Our main strategies include:-

Investing in our operational tools with state of the art equipment and software to tremendously boost our throughput.

Providing world class service by ensuring operational efficiency in delivery of cargo.

Boosting our regional market presence by creating awareness through aggressive marketing campaign.

Full Container Load (FCL)

Full Container Load (FCL) term is used in ocean freight service describing full container shipping from one place to another.

FCL is the best form of shipping freight regarding cost, volume and weight of the cargo. The most common container sizes are the 20 and 40 foot containers.

We offer FCL services, by handling all types of containers, general standard, high cube, hard and open tops and flat racks.

We have modern lifting equipment which can handle abnormal cargo.

LCL – Loose Container Load

If your cargo is not large enough to fill a container, it can be consolidated to make up a full container of either 20ft or 40ft for shipping.

When the container arrives at Dar Es Salaam port, it is cleared on a FCL / LCL basis until it reaches the CFS. The container is stripped and the palletized cargoes are stored in a modern well ventilated warehouse. It is later cleared out of the CFS on pier delivery basis.

With a warehouse capacity of over 5,500ft2, Redsea Company LTD can accept LCL containers from cargo consolidators, strip the container and disburse the load to individual consignees. Special treatment is accorded to sensitive cargo like equipment, machinery, toxic, medical and fragile among others.

Out of Gauge and Project Cargo

Redsea Company LTD has invested heavily in specialised equipment to handle out of gauge and project cargo. Our specialized staff and the necessary carriage and handling equipment ensure priority delivery and safe transfer of cargo. Redsea Company LTD also specializes in transferring huge and over- dimensional cargo (heavy units, cranes) from the port to the CFS.

Project cargo is handled and stored with professionalism and care. No matter what size the project is, our mission is to provide an efficient solution for our valued clients.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) SOP Safety

Redsea company ltd has come up with a set of rules which must be adhered to while at the facility. Failure to observe these rules will result to safety violation and may lead to revocation of your privilege to access the facility.

The rules are as follows

All trucks must be registered with REDSEA COMPANY LTD INVESTMENT CFS.

Must wear Safety Vest at all times.

Must have closed toe shoe (no flip flops, sandals, etc).

Must have Hard Hat on if getting out of vehicle inside the container yard.

Speed Limit is 10 km/h.

Must wear seat belt while operating a vehicle.

Cannot use cell phone, radio call or other mobile communication devices while vehicle is moving. This includes any type of iPod/phone ear piece being worn.

No walking or driving in between container stacks or rows.

Cannot leave vehicle running or unattended when out of view or more than 25 feet away.

Do not drive, stand/walk under or touch any part including door handles of a suspended container.

You are responsible to ensure that all container doors you have interacted with are properly latched and secured.

Must look in the same direction you are traveling/moving.

Slow down at intersections, blind spots and anytime your vision is obstructed.

When passing vehicles at intersections speed limit is 5 mph.

Maintain a safe distance from other vehicles, no tailgating.

No driving through lanes or yard with container doors open or unsecured properly.

Must come to a complete stop at all posted and painted stop signs.

Machines have a right of way.

Do not climb on any terminal equipment to communicate with operators (machine clerks, reach stackers).

Must remain in truck while waiting for terminal equipment to mount or dismount your container.

Must maintain your driver side window rolled down so you are able to hear horn from reach stacker.

Only use designated restrooms.

No unauthorized passengers (passengers must meet facility ID requirements) or pets/animals.

Must comply with all requests given by terminal security personnel.

SOP CFS Operations

Documentation Requirements

Original CFS Release Order from the shipping Agency/Line which will aid to facilitate cargo transfer from port to our terminal.

Delivery Order from the shipping line/agency.

Copy of customs entry.

Copy of the Bill of Lading.

PLEASE NOTE: No discrepancy in the documents is allowed. All trucks delivering cargo from our terminal MUST be registered with us for cargo security purposes. This exercise is free.


Documents to be presented to us at least four days prior to arrival of the shipment. This is a measure aimed at avoiding incurring additional expenses, i.e. storage charges payable to Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA), demurrage charges payable to the shipping line and warehouse charges payable to Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA).

Containerized cargo should be cleared from the terminal within four days. However for Client nominated cargo, the terms of clearance are quite flexible.

On completion of all required procedures, gate pass is issued to the clearing agents allowing them to load the cargos for final delivery to the consignees.

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