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Azania is a public limited liability company incorporated on 2006 under Tanzania law. Its corporate head office is at the company's Dar es salaam Nyerere Road, Industrial Area. We pride ourselves on being flexible and innovative in the servicing of our customers. Our focused leadership and knowledgeable staff always have a flexible response to changing customer needs. Today, with more than 1,600 driving team members, we are regarded as one of the nation’s largest over-the-road Truckload carriers. we provide capacity solutions to a wide customer base throughout Africa nation's.

Our Company

Our Mission, to grow with our customers, has been forged by lasting relationships, true understanding and response to specific needs, and a level of trust developed second to none. With over 11 years of industry experience and being centrally located in the port, we have the ability to utilize all of our relationships within the port community making a marked difference in our service delivery capability.

Our customized care of service has built lifelong relationships with our clients. Whether it is one move or many the quality and care of our service cannot be matched. Satisfaction delivered day in day out with over 11 years industry experience.

MIKOANI TRUCKING is committed to providing innovative solutions behind the strength of one of the nation’s largest over-the-road truckload fleets. We have extensive experience transporting Azania wheat flout, Fresh Gold cooking Oil and Soup to our customer in a wide variety of companies. MIKOANI Truck’s combination of experience, stability and service has afforded us the ability to develop many long-term, service-oriented relationships with our diverse blend of customers, more than 25% of whom are Fortune 100 companies.

Dedicated Solutions That Work For You

MIKOANI TRUCKING provides customized Dedicated solutions to meet the unique needs of your business and your companies. By trusting us to manage your transportation, you can reap the benefits of a private fleet without the many complications that come with it. Let us manage all aspects of the operation including cost, regulations compliance, service performance and more so you can focus on your core business. We work with customers of all sizes, so our scalable solutions will improve the efficiency and flexibility of your distribution network, while delivering award-winning service.

Complex Logistics Made Simple

Logistics division focuses entirely on our Brokerage and Intermodal services. We match customer needs with available equipment from our network of carriers. Our capacity-based rating strategy focuses on managing your costs by arranging for the cost-effective transportation of all types of freight with one call.

Get On Track To Expanding Your Capacity

MIKOANI TRUCKING Intermodal provides flexible capacity solutions to benefit your business. We combine the best of both modes – our trucking assets blended with a single expedited segment on the rail – to provide differentiated service, reduce your carbon footprint and add value to your supply chain while helping you meet your transit goals.

Through our expertise managing products as an intermodal equipment provider, we have established processes and technology that allow our customers the freedom to choose the best solution for their business.

Azania Mikoani is widely used throughout Tanzania and therefore the distribution covers all parts of the country and even beyond Tanzania.

Mikoani Transportation

Mikoani Trucking International intends to expand on its current truck fleet and increase its service points covering local, regional, and national destinations following the demand for efficient transportation networks and recent Mikoani truck programs. The dramatic growth in import and export cargo moving has had a serious impact on East Africa freight transportation infrastructure.

Warehouse & Distribution

As a full service logistics provider, Mikoani Trucking International offers a range of services in the areas of warehousing and distribution and supply chain management. Increasing demand in third party logistics provider with fully automated inventory and order processing system has been a major factor in planning the expansion of these services through the Regional Center foreign investment program.

Azania Mikoani Trucking is widely used throughout Tanzania and therefore the distribution covers all parts of the country and even beyond Tanzania. Below is a map of our distribution network in Tanzania.

Mikoani Traders LTD
Nyerere Road, Industrial Area
Tel: +255 22-2861235
Fax: +255 22-2860842
P.O.Box : 5055
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