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Azania Grain Bulk

About Azania Grain Bulk

Mikoani Traders Limited is one the leading milling companies in the country. It is committed to providing affordable food products to its customers in the country and beyond. As a means of achieving this, the company has built a state of the art Grain Handling and storage silos facility at the Dar Es Salaam port.

The 30,000 metric tons storage silos will ensure that the company mills are consistently supplied with wheat for milling in order to maintain customers’ satisfaction and prevent products shortage

Our Vision

To be the market leader in providing affordable wheat products in East Africa consistently and ensuring food availability to all citizens in the EAST AFRICAN REGION at all times.

This state of the art storage facility consists of 5 silos, each having a capacity of 6000 metric tons. A total of 30,000 tonne of wheat can be stored here at any given time. It has 2 intake hoppers each having a capacity of 200 tonne per hour. Hence 400 tonne of wheat can be offloaded into the silos (equivalent to 30 trucks per hour).

This renders it as the fastest intake facility in East Africa. The facility is fully automated and out of site surveillance.

From inside of the control room, the operator is able to view all processes of loading and unloading of wheat into the silos. The bagging line has good infrastructure as bags will go directly into a waiting truck through a conveyor belt. Mikoani Grain handling silos has increased the storage capacity of Mikoani Traders to a total of 70,000 metric tonne. At Tegry mill site (Nyerere road), storage capacity is 30,000 tonne while at Ubungo mill site, storage capacity is 10,000 tons.

Benefits Brought By Mikoani Grain Handling Silos

Mikoani Grain handling silos will be receiving wheat from any corner of the world in order to meet the ever increasing demand of consumers.

Cost Reduction

Previously, extra storage warehouses had to be hired in order to accommodate all imported wheat. With commissioning of this facility, storage capacity is now sufficient. Due to proximity of the facility to the port, time taken to complete vessel offloading has been shortened almost by half. Also, losses due to spillages during transportation has been reduced.

There is reduction in supervision cost as patrol vehicles have to travel short distances. There are other benefits for ship operators and importers in terms of faster discharge times, lower freight and insurance costs, greater economies of scales, improved cargo quality, better accounting and reduced inventories and crucially better accounting of discharged and delivered quantities.

The TPA will also see better berth utilization as stipulated in their master plan and there will be increased revenue from harbor dues. Equally, the Tanzanian economy will have gained from additional hard currency earnings.

There is also the other benefit of monitoring of the whole plant off site, thanks to the installed state of the art surveillance software enabling this, the management is able to monitor all operations from its head office situated along Nyerere road.


The entire operations and systems employed by MGHS (Mikoani Grain Holding Silos) is environmentally sustainable. All discharged grains run through an enclosed overhead discharge equipment and conveyors before entering the silos, then the grain passes through a dust extraction device which is a safety measure to reduce explosion risk and is replicated a couple of times before deliveries.

Therefore wheat being delivered to other mills is clean and dust propagated from MGHS is minimal. It is our commitment to protect the environment and to maintain noise-free, dust free and spillage-free silo handling system.

Summary Of MGHS’s Facilities

Mikoani Grain Handling silos comprises of bulk storage silos, pre-cleaning tower and grain bagging line. There are 2 offloading hoppers each having capacity of 200 tonne per hour, therefore a total of 400 tonne may be offloaded in one hour.

There are 5 storage silos each having a capacity of 6000 tonne therefore total storage capacity of 30,000 metric tonne. The bagging line has capacity to bag 360 tonne of grains per day.

Limitations and challenges encountered

The space is inadequate as all silos and machinery tower are in an area of 1.0 acres, more space is required for future expansion as demand for storage silos increases in order to meet food grain requirement for the country and neighboring countries who use our port as a transit facility.

We Welcome You

We are welcoming all NGO’s, World Food Programs, private sectors, local farmers and our neighboring countries like Rwanda, Burundi, Zambia, Malawi and Democratic Republic of Congo, to store their grains and save money from hiring go-downs. Your grains will be free from rodents and any contamination that could spoil the grains as we have the latest equipment to control moisture and any other contaminant or pollutant that can spoil the grains.

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