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Azania Group, one of the leading staple food brands, launched a new top-of-the-market premium flour enticing its consumers to use whiter, softer, long shelf life premium flour in a wider range of recipes, Unveiling its completing new flour brand dubbed AZANIA – PREMIUM HOME FLOUR (PHF) ,a baking flour which is not only pure but also equipped will all the essentials. The unveiling ceremony of the product took place on Thursday 29th September at Hellenic Greek Club. 

“Our new Azania PHF flour comes after a long time of research, as a solution to bring diversity and convenience to its consumers, as most are often too pressed for time to produce a quality range of products such as Maandazi, Chapati, and many more elaborate and diverse dishes and snacks,” said Mr. Joel Laiser Azania Group Business Development Manager 

Adding “The attraction of food comes from the pleasure it gives in the texture, taste and pleasure in eating it delivers, hence our aim with this product launch is to increase benefits and add value to our customers as we believe our market is ready to be adventurous in its use of higher quality ingredients across a wider array of snacks and meals.” 

Maria Mbago Mama Lishe expressed “Azania PHF flour is whiter and softer than other flours I have used before and most importantly, it cooks more rapidly, delivering exceptionally soft and tasty snacks in good time compared to other baking flours“ 

The Guest Honour Hon graced the launch. Jokate Mwegelo complimented Azania group efforts in the industry but also added “I am happy to hear that Azania has created a large number of employment opportunities, most of them are residents of our district, its affirming also to realize that Azania PHF flour is going to make the work easier for Mama Lishe but also other consumers and also the demographics who are self-employed in large numbers in our district, I pray that you do not end in wheat only, continue to diversify products range and cater for the mothers, but also as we are aware you have more products such as cooking oil, coconut cream and many more, we hope we also enhance them to cater to bring ease to Mama Lishe and other women and men in the food industry.” 

The Azania Group Business Developer concluded by stating “ Azania PHF flour will be made available from 30th in all outlets across Tanzania and across borders, We at Azania group will continue to work hard to provide quality products, solution-oriented for our consumers” 

The launch ended with all the invited guests indulging in the different snacks made by Mama Lishe using the Azania PHF Flour.